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The akim of NKR: «SEZ will interest businessmen of the border regions of the Russian Federation»

The head of the region Kumar Aksakalov visited the construction sites of the regional center.

In the developing district «Zhas Orken» at the end of this year, a new substation will start operating. This is the first closed-type electrical substation located in the city. The new substation will fully provide uninterrupted power supply to the new microdistrict.

Now, Zhabayev Street is being actively built up in Zhas Orken. The akim of the region visited the construction site, where two 108 apartment buildings were being built. Each of those would have 18 floors. According to Kumar Aksakalov, these first high rise buildings will become a real decoration of the regional center. The construction of one of the high-rise buildings will be completed in December this year. In total, it is planned to commission 2240 apartments this year. In a conversation with builders, the akim of NKR noted the need to create a construction industry with its own production.

In Bereke microdistrict, the head of the region examined the improvement and broadening of Dosmukhambetov and Ukhabov streets. Kumar Aksakalov visited the subzone of the Special Economic Zone. A concrete structure has stood unnecessarily for more than 20 years. The results of the examination showed that it was in excellent condition and ready for further operation. This week, electricity will be brought there. The reconstruction of the roof of the building and other outdoor work will begin. The plans include landscaping and equipping the territory with a 3D fence, creating an open area for finished products. A mobile headquarters for the construction of the customs zone has been created. The total area of production space will exceed 5 thousand square meters.

«Next year we plan to build the railway here. We need it, since the products of the SEZ will be exported. It is necessary to attract investors. Many enterprises will appear here. On November 7, a Cross-Border Cooperation Forum will be held in Omsk. It is necessary to make maximum use of this site, to negotiate with entrepreneurs in the Omsk, Tyumen and Kurgan regions. I think they will be interested in the SEZ, because there is no such zone in these border regions», — the akim of the region noted.


The akim of NKR: «SEZ will interest businessmen of the border regions of the Russian Federation»

Posting date: 23.10.2019