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Innovative projects of NKR have increased tax revenues by 40%

Innovative projects of NKR have increased tax revenues by 40%

As it became known at the meeting of the akimat, within the framework of the State program of industrial and innovative development, a total of 65 projects in the amount of 52 billion tenge were put into operation in North Kazakhstan region. 2300 people have been employed. Within the framework of the 2nd five-year industrialization plan, it is planned to implement 41 projects in the amount of 37 billion tenge with the creation of 1,500 new jobs.

The overall effect of this program is an increase in industrial production, a 40% increase in tax revenues to the budget, and job creation.

This year, it is planned to launch 10 projects worth more than 19 billion tenge. The maximum implementation is about 70%, it takes place in the city of Petropavlovsk. It is worth noting that in some districts, there are no industrial-innovative projects at all, or their number is extremely small. During the period of the program there is not a single implemented project in Mamlyutka district, only one project was launched in Yesil district. The head of the region, Kumar Aksakalov, instructed the akims of the districts, together with representatives of the relevant departments, to sort out problematic issues and make proposals for the implementation of projects.

«We have big plans for the 3rd five-year plan. There are priority areas to work on: agricultural processing, development of the construction industry, «Economics of simple things». I instruct the regional administration to support entrepreneurs in all matters», — the first head of the region, Kumar Aksakalov summed up.

Posting date: 20.08.2019