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North Kazakhstan continues to diversify agriculture

North Kazakhstan continues to diversify agriculture

At a meeting of the regional akimat, they reviewed the preparations for the spring field work in 2019.

The course of diversification of the agricultural sector continues in North Kazakhstan region. This year, the region will begin to grow soybeans, which are in great demand in the global market.

«This year, 10 thousand hectares of soybean will be sown in the region. Next year, we plan to increase to 150 thousand hectares. We will reduce the area of wheat and introduce such highly profitable and export-oriented crops. Soybean is in demand, the price per ton is 150 thousand tenge», — Kumar Aksakalov said.

In order to increase the yield, 150 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers on an area of 2.7 million hectares will be put into the soil. The head of the region, Kumar Aksakalov, noted that the use of modern technologies gave a powerful impetus to the development of the industry.

«This is a very important work. Today, we have achieved results in agriculture, primarily due to the use of modern technologies, including the introduction of mineral fertilizers. We are buying the most mineral fertilizers in the country. In the past, we bought 112 thousand tons. This year, it is 150 thousand tons already», — the akim of the region Kumar Aksakalov said.

13.6 thousand units of various modifications of machinery will be involved in the sowing campaign. This year, the agroformations of the region is planning to purchase 1,600 units of machinery and worth 30 billion tenge.

In general, the area of arable land is 4.9 million hectares in the region this year. The area of crops will amount to 4.3 million hectares, of which cereal areas are 2.8 million hectares, oilseeds are 1 million hectares, forage crops are 369 thousand hectares, potatoes are 37 thousand hectares, vegetables are 6.6 thousand hectares.

North Kazakhstan continues to diversify agriculture

Posting date: 05.03.2019